Damn Smart Marketing for
Independent Hoteliers

Market your independent hotel like an International chain.
Get better reviews. Book more loyal guests.
Finally have the time and income to take your own vacation!

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Marketing  Strategies

Wondering how your independent hotel can survive the competition?

  • How to book more room nights in a saturated marketplace
  • How to deal with “price shoppers” and online travel agencies; OTA’s
  • How to turn guests into great online reviews
  • How to ensure guests become "regulars"

Damn Smart Marketing has all the resources you need.
But, before you begin, we have an important question you must answer first:
What do you really sell?

As an independent hotelier, you sell more than room nights.
You sell vacation experiences.

With Damn Smart Marketing, you will provide a vacation experinece that guests will:

  • Remember for years
  • Rave about to their friends
  • Want more for years to come

You can provide more value for your guests by marketing your existing assets.

Damn Smart Marketing program members have access to tons of concrete hotel marketing resources, online tools, on-demand training, and professionally designed marketing materials customized for your hotel. All built to enhance your guests’ experience through marketing.

You will get better online reviews, steer clear of OTAs, and deliver what your hotel really needs:
Lasting guest relationships.

Our program goes beyond inspiration. We deliver tangible methods to increase booked room nights and improve guest loyalty.
We help you create real prosperity as an independent hotelier.

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Book more room nights without relying on OTAs.

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About Damn Smart Marketing

Damn Smart Marketing is a boutique hotel marketing service provided by the marketing powerhouse, Empowwwer Business Marketing. We take on just a few – established hotelier clients – each year for hotel marketing and consulting. If you’re a hotelier who eagerly needs more guests on a consistent basis… who needs better online reviews… who is ready to build their own guest attraction machine and stop relying on OTAs…

…then joining the Damn Smart Marketing program may be the best business decision you ever make.