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How much do you charge for a room night?

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“People cannot accurately assign monetary value to something, they can only discern whether one thing is more valuable than another.” – Blair Enns

If there’s nothing on your rates to compare to on your site, she will be forced to look somewhere else for this comparison.

A waterfront hotel suite runs at a similar price in most hotels in any given market.

When a vacation shopper looks to measure the value she will get from a vacation, she will have to make a comparison.

You can provide a comparison by adding premiums.

Providing a value comparison goes above and beyond the commodity of room size, see article on Commoditization.
Adding premiums to a vacation feeds the needs of vacationers by addressing many of their primary concerns.

- Where to eat
- Things to do
- Shopping
- Transportation

Additional premiums could include:

- Vacation on vacation – spa packages
- Exercise options
- Learning vacations
- Walking tours

There is no limit to the packaged premiums you can create for your guests to enjoy.

Pair this with local empowwwered partnerships with other tourism businesses and you will be able to offer premiums that no branded chain can offer.

Vacationers seek to add value to their vacation.

Adding premiums, you can switch your visitor’s evaluation from:
“Is this a good value?”
“Which of these is a better value?”

What needs to happen here is justification to offer premiums. You can offer just a hotel night or a hotel night and transportation, and jet ski rental.

“When you neglect to provide options, the client goes in search of something against to compare your offering and its price point.” – Blair

We’ve found a way to make your vacation more affordable and take the unknown out without loosing the adventure. By buying one of our vacation packages, we can save you money on dining, transportation, and even excursions.

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